An annual admission pass for charities that deliver caring services

A Charity Pass is an annual pass available to charities whose principal purpose involves the care to children, families, vulnerable adults, the elderly, or other sectors of society. The objectives of a qualifying charity will include at least one of the following;

  • the relief of poverty,
  • the advancement of health,
  • the relief of those in need.

The pass is also available to local authority units that deliver relevant care services to disadvantaged communities.

  • A pass is valid for 12 months, costs £400, and provides admission for a group of up to two adults and four children (aged 2-15)
  • A pass can be used no more than once a day. To provide flexibility of use, some organisations choose to purchase multiple passes.
  • The pass provides admission to Almond Valley during normal opening hours, but does not cover rides, soft play, out-of-hours events, or any other activities that are not included in the standard admission price.
  • The pass may be issued to clients or beneficiaries of the charity, with or without an official of the charity being present during their visit.
  • The pass can only be used in the delivery of services to clients, and is not for personal leisure use by staff.

How does it work ?

At present in order to gain admission you need to book a visit on-line and on arrival present either

  • Show the Charity Pass, along with evidence of your association with the charity, or
  • Show a note on headed paper issued by the person in your organisation who administers use of the pass. This note has to display the name of the person using the pass, the date of the visit and the reference number of the Pass

We plan soon to introduce a web-based system that will enable administrators to simply share the pass by e-mail.

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