An annual admission pass for sharing within an organisation

A Passaround Pass is a season ticket to Almond Valley that can be freely shared amongst groups of work colleagues, or members of an organisation. Passes are most frequently purchased by staff associations as a benefit to their members.

  • A pass is valid for 12 months and costs £600
  • A pass provides admission for a group of up to two adults and four children (aged 2-15).
  • A pass can be used no more than once a day; (to provide flexibility of use, many organisations choose to purchase multiple passes).
  • A pass provides admission to Almond Valley during normal opening hours, but does not cover rides, soft play, out-of-hours events, or any other activities not included in the standard admission price.
  • A pass can only be used by members of your organisation or work group, accompanied by family or friends.

How does it work ?

Usually an individual within your organisation or workplace serve as administrator and will be responsible for issuing the pass (or passes) to club members or work colleagues. The pass can't be shared outside of your organisation. The person using the pass for the day can enjoy a visit to Almond Valley accompanied by family and friends, but must be present during the visit.

When you arrive at Almond Valley you must either:

  • Show the Passaround Pass, along with evidence that you a member of the organisation or workplace. or....
  • Show a note on headed paper issued by the person in your organisation who administers use of the pass. This note has to display the name of the person using the pass, the date of the visit and the reference number of the Pass

We plan soon to introduce a web-based system that will enable administrators to simply share the pass by e-mail. If this arrangement does not suit your organisation, we'd be happy to discuss alternative ways of providing admission, such as bulk purchase of day admission tickets.