We regret that we're currently unable to offer volunteering opportunities to anyone aged 16 or less.

Farm Work Placements

Work Experience Placements (typically 1 - 4 weeks in duration) - These are fixed term placements are reserved for those studying an animal related course at college or university, who are seeking to complete an EMS placement as part of their coursework. However, they are also suitable for any current students who simply wish to gain practical experience to advance their course of studies. Please be advised that depending on demand, priority will be given to students who require the completion of an EMS placement as a mandatory part of their coursework

Long Term Volunteer Placements (Every Sat or Sun, recurring for a minimum of 4 weeks) - Developed so that individuals who are not currently studying an animal related course at college or university still have the opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience working with animals.

Both Work Experience and Long Term Volunteer Placements are subject to a trail day which must be completed a minimum of 1 week prior to the placement commencing.

Application Criteria

  • A minimum of 17 years old
  • Physically fit and able to complete the manual labour associated with animal care and farm work.

Application Form

Download an 2024 Work Experience Info and Application to apply

Museum Volunteers

Operation of the museum, and the museum website, provides all sorts of opportunity for volunteer participation, either in our programme of historical research and digitisation, or in assistance with other museum services. Once again, the number of positions is limited and when vacancies arise these are filled by selective interview.

For volunteering in the work of the museum, please see our museum website www.scottishshale.co.uk for further details and an application form