We regret that we're currently unable to offer volunteering opportunities to anyone aged 16 or less.

Farm Volunteers

There are two routes by which adults can help out in the operation of the farm:

Farm Interns are fixed term placements (typically an intensive short term assignment) intended for those seeking practical experience to advance their course of studies, normally in animal husbandry or veterinary science. A practical background in working with large livestock is an essential requirement.

Farm Volunteer positions are available to those over 17 years wishing to volunteer over a longer period with animal husbandry and associated manual tasks. A limited number of positions are available and when vacancies arise, selection criteria are similar to those for paid positions.

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Museum Volunteers

Operation of the museum, and the museum website, provides all sorts of opportunity for volunteer participation, either in our programme of historical research and digitisation, or in assistance with other museum services. Once again, the number of positions is limited and when vacancies arise these are filled by selective interview.

For volunteering in the work of the museum, please see our museum website www.scottishshale.co.uk for further details and an application form

Corporate Volunteers

Every year we're pleased to welcome many groups of work colleagues who choose to spend a day at Almond Valley wielding paintbrushes, spades and rakes. Sometimes this work is structured as a team challenge, on other occasions it's a more relaxed opportunity for groups of colleagues to work together for the community.

Especially during good weather, there are many opportunities to build paths, plant hedges and undertake many more environmental tasks. We provide tools, direction and other support. Where a group is able to contribute towards the costs of materials, this greatly extends what can be achieved. Please contact us for further information.

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