Stay and Play

Spread throughout the great big Almond Valley site there are all sorts of interesting and unusual places to play. Some are set within woods and greenery, and blend neatly into their surroundings. There’s acres of space to let off steam, and many play features that you'll find nowhere else.

If bouncing is your thing, there’s a choice of the Nutty Bouncer – our giant pillow; an array of trampolines, (cunningly and safely set into the ground); or you might plump for the old school Bouncy Cow. If you yearn for the open road, the woodland go-karts will take you on a shady journey through the woods; hang on tight as the subterranean trolleys wizz you through the darkness, while the the under-fives can pedal tractors around their own farm yard.

Throughout the site you’ll discover many other play features on which swing, climb, wriggle and hide; exercising the body and stretching the imagination.

Never mind the weather

Even if the weather turns out to be a little miserable, there's lots of play spaces that are sheltered from the elements.

Undercover Fun in the Paraffin Works

Beneath the shelter of a giant umbrella, the Paraffin Works play-space allows you run wild among the pipes, tanks and furnaces of a Victorian shale oil works.

paraffin works sign.jpg


Trains and Tractor Rides

A trip on our narrow-gauge railway might not be considered as one of great railway journeys of the world, but is still great fun. Our little train is pulled by an old diesel that spent its working life in an explosives factory, which hauls a train of little carriages that we converted from old wagons. Trains run at weekends from Easter to September and daily during some holiday periods – tickets cost £2 per person.

Our trailer rides; hauled by a vintage tractor, runs a simple circuit of the outlying fields and allows you to sit back as the world chugs and shoogles slowly by. These operate at weekends throughout the year (£1 per person), and daily through summer holiday periods.

train ride.jpg