Sheila Highland Cow

Kim & Fia Highland Cow

We've been waiting 'all night long' for our latest additions to arrive at Almond Valley!

Sheila and Kim, 2 Highland Cattle cows arrived at the farm this afternoon (Thursday 14th March 2024), along with Kim's young calf - Fia!

Make sure to visit to see the park's newest residents, who are sure to be just as popular as any rockstars!

Did You Know

Though the classic image of a Highland cow today is red, they also come in other shades including yellow, brindle, dun, white. However it is the black colouration (like our cow Sheila) that is the breed’s original colour.

Post Published: 14th March 2024

Price Increases

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Day admissions tickets will be increasing by £1 per person

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These changes will come into effect on the 18th March 2024. If you have a pass that is due to expire on or before the 30th April 2024, you can renew ahead of the expiry date by submitting your application through our website under Plan Your Visit.

We'll honour the current membership prices up to 18th March 2024 and your new membership will start from your current expiry date.

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